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Upcoming Events

May 31, 2016:  Summer Hours Begin

June 11, 2016:  AFSC Fundraiser: The Chronicles of Narnia Summer Kickoff Carnival at Cross Point Alliance Church

June 18, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Amazing Amphibians


June 20-24, 2016:  Dinosaur Adventure Camp - Terrific Theropods

July 11-15, 2016:  Mad Science Camp - Crazy Chemistry

July 16, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Happy Honey Bees

July 18-22, 2016:  Dinosaur Adventure Camp - Giant Creatures of the Fossil Record

July 25-29, 2016:  Mad Science Camp - Fantastic Physics

August 01-05, 2016:  Creature Feature Camp - Caring for Creatures of All Kinds

August 20:  Super Science Saturday - Biome Study (Deserts and Grasslands)



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Have you heard the exciting news?  We are getting some upgrades along with a brand new programming model launching Summer 2016.  In the coming months, our traditional tour will begin to be filled with all new fun interactive options to choose from to help enhance your learning time with us.  Some of these options may include things like activity stations, live animal encounters, themed breakout sessions, fun learning games, guest speakers and more.  

The work has already begun.  Check out all the progress we've already made on our Facebook page and keep an eye out for more to come.  Don't forget to make Akron Fossils and Science Center your "must visit" spot for summertime fun!

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New fossil replicas

Fossil Replicas Available

High quality fossil replicas are available in our Gift Shop and online. We have               T-rex teeth, ammonites, Egyptian Narmer Palette, claws, and more!