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June 16:  Super Science Saturday -

Fishes of Ohio

June 18-22:  Dinosaur Adventure Camp

June 25-29:  Wacky Science Camp

July 9-13:  Space Camp

July 16-20:  Creature Feature Camp

July 23-27:  C.S.I. Camp

July 30-Aug 03:  S.T.E.A.M. Camp



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Truassic Times Summer 2018 Riddle Answer

Summer 2018 Newsletter Brain Melters Answers

1. Three- One black, one white, and one ginger.

2. It was the spare tire that was flat!


4. It would still take 7 min and 23 seconds because the song length stays the same regardless of how many musicians are playing the piece!

5. It was not designed to go without winding.

6. She is only in second place, having surpassed the second place runner. She would have had to surpass the first runner to win.