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Wilderness Canoe Trips


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   This itinerary may be subject to change depending upon the weather and traveling circumstances beyond our control. The expedition party will be composed of no more than nine
people (including the two guides).

   Food: Each of the meals that will be provided during the expedition are noted at the end of each day and marked B for breakfast, L for lunch, and D for dinner.

Day 1

Akron / Wisconsin

   Depart Akron early in the morning and arrive in Wisconsin before dark. We have reserved motel rooms for the night. The cost of the motel room is included in your registration fee. (All meals on your own during travel unless otherwise noted).

Day 2 

Wisconsin / Gunflint Trail Minnesota

   Drive to Duluth, Minnesota and stop for a visit at the Duluth Pack store. Drive further north to Grand Marais and shop at a few outfitters to give opportunity for your last minute purchases. Also, take time to do a little sightseeing of Lake Superior. Drive to the end of the Gunflint Trail and set up camp. Double check packs before bed and situate belongs to set out promptly the next morning. (D)

Day 3

Wilderness Entry/ Locate Base Camp

   Rise with the sun, gulp down breakfast and pack up camp. Everyone will be restless to set out into the wilderness! Secure campsite and all items that will be left in our vehicle at the Gunflint Trail parking lot. Our goal is to set out no later than 9 o’clock so we can make good time and be able to stop and enjoy the scenery throughout the day. Locate base camp before dark, set up camp, and massage sore muscles from a hard days paddle. (B, L, D)

Day 4 

Fishing/ Exploring/ Lay low day

   Explore the lakes and streams around the campsite. This is a good day to lay low, fish, read a book or hunt for Indian pictographs. Everyone is expected to be back at base camp for each meal unless the guides have given you permission to pack your meals. Team members never paddle alone. (B, L, D)

Day 5 

Fishing/Day Trip Loop

   This is a good day to do some more fishing or set out on a day trip to an agreed upon destination. The expedition party may split-up in multiple exploring teams depending on the group’s destination and exploring plans. This day is great for spending some family time together in the wilderness. All team members are required to arrive back at base camp before dark. (B, L, D)

Day 6 

Break Base Camp/ Locate Second Campsite

   Break base camp and paddle to the second campsite located on the return leg back to the Gunflint Trail. (B, L, D)

Day 7 

Break Second Campsite/ Return to Civilization

   Break second camp and pack up for the last day in the water. Complete return leg of the canoe trip and arrive back at the Gunflint Tail in time for showers and a well appreciated hot lunch at the Trails End Restaurant! Pack up gear and pile into the vehicle(s). Snap your last pictures of the Gunflint Trail and begin the long drive home. Depending on the number of drivers and their fatigue levels from the trip, we may drive through the night so as to arrive back in Akron early morning. At this point, most people have an itch to get home. (B)

Day 8 

Return to Akron/ Unload Vehicle and Sleep

   Coming back home is probably both the most rewarding and the saddest part of the trip. After paddling around for five days in the wilderness, home sweet home has seldom looked more welcoming! The team will arrive back in Akron and unload sometime before noon. Before parting ways, team members will decide upon a date to meet again when they can exchange pictures and stories from the expedition with their families and new-found friends.


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