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Wilderness Canoe Trip

Trip Description

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There will be no scheduled trip for 2018. Check back next year for 2019 trip details!


August 3rd-10th, 2017

Five days in the untamed Minnesota-Canadian Boundary Waters...

Morning mist over the Boundary Waters

When: August 3-10, 2017
Team Size: Up to 7 participants (9 total with guides)
Destination: Minnesota-Canadian Boundary Waters*


For over 300 years canoes have been the means of transportation in the vast wilderness known as Quetico-Superior Park, a region composed of numerous interlocking lakes on the borders of Northern Minnesota and Southern Canada. Centuries ago, Indians traveled these endless water ways in Birch-bark canoes. The canoe became a freighter to carry furs and supplies for the happy voyagers who were experts at running the highways of streams, lakes, and rivers. Today, many adventurers still paddle these vast lakes now known by a different name, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). We like to call it the North Woods!

*The official National Park name of the region is called the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).

Getting the Wilderness in You by William (Bill) M. Sanderson a biographical sketch of Rolf Skrien

Our founder, and long-time wilderness canoe trip guide, Bill Sanderson, has written a book detailing his adventures in the Minnesota-Canadian Boundary Waters called Getting the Wilderness in You. The book features a detailed sketch of Rolf Skrien and memories from Bill's own adventures in the Boundary Waters.

Order a copy online or stop by our Gift Shop to buy one in-person

Expedition Highlights

  • Explore the untamed wilds of the Boundary Waters!
  • Paddle through the massive Saganaga Lake— this is the land of of the sky-blue water.
  • Observe moose, bald eagles and even black bear! Listen to the to the peaceful laugh of the loon as you fall asleep at night.
  • Grit your teeth in rough water and glide across glass-smooth lakes. The weather sets the pace of our travels.
  • Learn about the Ice Age and the Genesis Flood. What roles did these events play in shaping this beautiful landscape?
  • Prepare for wild excitement, this is a great opportunity for some serious game fishing!
  • Marvel like the psalmist on starlit nights. Here you will see so many million points of light— it will take your breath away!

Watch this mandatory video before going on the trip.


Wilderness Guides

Lead guide Bill SandersonBill Sanderson, the Museum founder, grew up taking
summer vacations to and working in the Boundary Waters. His many years of experience and love for the North Woods have equipped him as a seasoned guide and outfitter for our wilderness expeditions during the 2006-2013 trips.

Dick SandersonDick Sanderson (Bill’s cousin) has been canoeing in the Boundary Waters since he and Bill were teenagers. Dick was a great addition to the 2009-2012 canoe trip teams. Dick is strong and adventuresome and keeps everyone in good spirits.


“[State Park] campground stays can be fun, but they aren’t any boy’s idea of ‘adventure…’”

- Brian, 2006 trip

Read more about past expeditions



Day 1: Akron / Wisconsin
Day 2: Wisconsin / Gunflint Trail Minnesota
Day 3: Wilderness Entry/ Locate Base Camp
Day 4: Fishing/ Exploring/Lay low day
Day 5: Fishing/Day Trip Loop
Day 6: Break Base Camp/ Locate Second Campsite
Day 7: Break Second Campsite/ Return to Civilization
Day 8: Return to Akron/ Unload Vehicle and Sleep

Read full Itinerary




2017 Expedition Cost: $470

   The expedition cost may be subject to slight modifications depending on the size of the expedition party and the price of gas during the summer of 2017.

Terms and Conditions 



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Sign Up

  A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot for the 2017 Wilderness Canoe Trip.

Reserve Your Spot
You must contact William Sanderson to reserve your spot on the trip. Contact Bill by e-mail or by telephone at 330.665.DINO (3466).


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