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Zany Zoology


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Our Science Center

Our little science center is currently undergoing many renovations.  Coming Summer 2016, our renovations will be complete with an all new programming model filled with more hands-on learning than ever before.  Check back for details of this new and exciting upcoming educational experience.

 Piri Re'is map

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Camp Creation

"Coming Soon"

Coming this summer, is the addition of a new themed learning room called Camp Creation.  This area of our center will be dedicated to learning in a variety of ways.  With our new programming model there will be more to explore than ever.  In Camp Creation, you will get a chance to participate in sessions throughout the day that accent the month's learning theme.  An extra addition to note in Camp Creation will be the opening of our all new animal care room.  This little room will give participants a chance to interact with our small collection of live animals and learn about their care.


  • Interactive Breakout Sessions 
  • Live Animal Shows
  • Lectures
  • Guided Activities


Exhibit Hall

Ovaraptor egg (real)

"Under Renovation"

Our familiar exhibit hall is now undergoing brand a full renovation.  We are excited to see the finished project coming Summer 2016.  With all new interactive learning opportunities, this gem of a hall, will now give you more ways to explore and discover.  


  • Living FossilsOur Grand Canyon model
  • Grand Canyon
  • Mt. St. Helens
  • Fossils of Ohio 
  • Minerals
  • Meteorites
  • Interactive Touch Screens
  • Guided Activites

    Hydroplate globe


Breakout Activity Rooms

Main Mad Science Lab

Mini Mad Science Lab

Dino Room

Geology Cave

Animal Care Room


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