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Jan 16, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Soaping the Scientific Method


Jan 19- April 14, 2016:  Simply Science - Spring Session


Feb 20:  Super Science Saturday - Dynamic DNA


March 19, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Fountains of Fire


April 16, 2016:  Super Science Saturday - Dino-mite Dinosaurs


May 14, 2016:  Annual Science Fair


May 14, 2016:  All Kids' Science Bash




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Hands-on fossils from Ohio and around the world

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Fossils of Ohio updated and expanded early 2014


Remodel of Bible History Hall, Living Fossils, Mount Saint Helens, and Mineral Cave in winter of 2013

Dragon Exhibit added in 2011

New Dragon Exhibit Dragon in a well Temple column carvingDragon head

Ice Age Exhibit added in 2010 and updated early 2013

 Piri Re'is map

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Sanderson Lecture Hall

Ovaraptor egg (real)

"Hands-on Fossils"

The first one-third of the museum tour takes place in our Lecture Hall.
It is here that visitors get the opportunity to hold real and replica dinosaur bones and fossils.


  • Triceratops sculpture 
  • Hadrosaur castThe chance zone exhibit
  • T. rex sculpture
  • Flagellum Model
  • Chance Zone



Science Hall

"Evidence of a Created World"

The second-third of the museum walks though a series of exhibits that critically analyze the theory of evolution and see that the facts of science shows the earth was created recently--thousands, not billions, of years ago.




  • Living FossilsOur Grand Canyon model
  • Grand Canyon
  • Mt. St. Helens (volcanoes)
  • Fossils of Ohio
  • Paluxy River Tracks (are some really human?)
  • Ica Burial Stones
  • Dinosaur Soft Tissue
  • Mineral Cave
  • Radioisotope Dating
  • Meteorites



Biblical History Hall

"Opening the Doors of Truth"

The last third of the museum tour is an optional exhibit showing how the Bible gives insight for how the cosmos and life itself was created by God.


  • Reliability of the Bible
  • Days of CreationHydroplate globe
  • Amber Exhibit
  • Noah's Ark model
  • Plate Tectonic Globe
  • Ice Age Exhibit
  • Live Animals


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